Adult Training

Thank You for volunteering with Devon Scouts.


whether you are new to scouting, or you just started a new role.

Hopefully, you are aware that there is a support system for you, that includes a comprehensive programme of training, depending on your role.

Within 5 months of starting your role (or it being recorded on Compass, the Scouting Database) there is the Getting Started training, an introduction to all you need to know to keep you, young people and other adults safe, during your Scouting.

You can also visit the Getting Started online modules if you are yet to decide whether Scouting is the correct place for you to volunteer.

Explorers on Sheepstor

Within 3 years of starting your role in Scouting, you are expected to validate the rest of your Wood Badge Training, either as a Section Leadership or Manager and Supporter.

You may have a role for which the Supplementary Modules are relevant, such as a role on the Appointment Advisory Committee.

This training is a national scheme, so if you move you can volunteer with a new local Scout area and your training record goes with you. More details on the Adult Training Scheme are available.

The Module Matrix gives an overview of the scheme.

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