Mandatory ongoing learning

This training is to renewed at least every 3 years, and you are to remain up to date with these modules

Recent Changes to First Aid/First Response Training

As part of the move to this new syllabus, 2-hour refresher courses are no longer recognised, but the 6-hour programme can be delivered in 3 bitesize sessions, 2 of which can be delivered online. This means Devon have moved away from using the Hampshire First Aid e-learning training.

(NB: during the COVID 19 pandemic face to face training may not be suitable or practical. Where possible, online training should be provided, with members undertaking the required face to face elements as soon as is practical.)

Attendance on each session will be recorded at County level by Margaret (County Training Administrator) once a register is supplied by the trainers. A certificate of attendance will be issued to the volunteer.

There are three e-learning modules which cover the additional content required for module 10 – First Response. Once the appropriate one of these is completed 10A and 10B will be validated as per the date on your First Aid certificate. You will need to supply your original First Aid Certificate and your completion email, sent directly to you,  to your Training Adviser for the training to be recorded.

  1. Conversion from Emergency First Aid at Work (1 day)
  2. Conversion from First Aid at Work (3 day/2 day refresher)
  3. Conversion from Child/Pediatric/Schools First Aid course

Any questions email, or

At present you need to complete the 3 on-line Theory sessions and complete the Practical validation, once the Scouting readiness is Amber or better. After Covid-19 you will need to complete the 2 Theory sessions and the Practical validation, either separately or delivered together

If your First Response ran out between 1/9/2016 and 1/9/2019 and you completed the Hampshire e-learning session, there will be Devon Zoom “Theory Plus” sessions for you to attend to complete your original learning. You will still be required to complete a Practical Validation session when they are available.

If your First Response ran out after and you have completed the Hampshire e-learning session, you are still required to complete a Practical Validation session, when they are available.

HQs have agreed that Face-to-face validation for demonstrating elements of life support is possible once an area is in Amber readiness level. A risk assessment will have to be in place for the training and follow the Resuscitation Council UK guidance on use of Mannikins, during Covid-19

010A First Aid Learning – enables the recording of completion of learning, in the PLP, once all the three learning sessions are attended: Life Support, Major Illness and Trauma and injury.

010B First Aid Practical – enables the practical element of the training to be recorded, in the PLP. Validation is by demonstration, after completion of the three theory sessions.  

The existing 010 First Aid has been discontinued and will appear in PLPs as X010 – (Discontinued) First Aid. This can be removed from PLPs where it has not been completed.  

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