Guidance Notes for Recording Validations on Compass

Record Validations for First Aid, Safety and Safeguarding as the date on the certificate, and not the date you see the certificate, or record the validation. This is to ensure the correct renewal date is recorded on Compass.

There are times when the renewal schedule for First Aid, Safety and Safeguarding is being recorded by Compass as 5 years, and not 3 years, as it should be. Please double check, when you record MOGL, that the renewal timing is correct.

Anyone validating the new Module 1, Module 17 or Safety for M&Ss after 15/9/2020, are “signed off” as completing the New Modules, not the discontinued modules. This may require “adding” these modules to their PLP – which is done by showing the correct PLP and then adding a Module:

  • The post-Sept 2020 “Essential Information” has validation included in the e-learning and provides a Validation Certificate. However, Safety and Safeguarding training needs to be completed as separate modules, again providing Validation Certificates.
  • The pre-Sept 2020 “Essential Information” provided a Completion of Learning Certificate (not a validation certificate) and required validating after the learning was complete. The Validation of this Essential Information automatically validated Safety and Safeguarding training. 

Recording the new Essential Information, Safety and Safeguarding as Validated doesn’t always record the information in the Approval part of the Roles Tab, and therefore Provisional and Pre-provisional roles are not moving to Full.

The Changes in Scouting module can be marked as validated on Compass in any PLP where it is outstanding.

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