Devon Scouts Section Aero Camp 2019

Friday 31st May – Sunday 2nd June – Bodmin Airfield

This exciting camp is now in its 15th year and offers the opportunity for 24 Scouts to spend a weekend at Bodmin Airfield and achieve the
Air Activities Level 4 or 5, Air Navigation and Meteorologist badges.

Scouts spend Saturday learning in a series of bases with FOG (Feet off the Ground – an organistion of volunteer pilots) about navigation, how aeroplanes work, handling and controls, marshalling, radio communication and meteorology.

There is no guarantee of a flight as this is weather dependent but all being well Scouts will get to enjoy the flight path they have planned over Wadebridge and the Eden project in a 2 or 4 seater aeroplane. Depending on the pilot, conditions and where the Scout is sitting, they may be offered the chance to take control for part of the flight!

The cost including food and activities is £65, but not transport to or from Bodmin Airfield.

This popular activity gets heavily oversubscribed but it is NOT first come first served – instead there is a closing date for applications of 30th March 2019. Application forms are available from Elinor D’Albiac at After the closing date a draw will take place and then groups will be asked to accept and pay for their places.

However because it is so heavily oversubscribed (last year over 90 applied for 24 places), this camp is only for Scouts who have had their 12th birthday but not their 14th birthday. Scouts who have previously attended cannot attend again.

Groups can apply for as many places as they want – it is for them that choose the order within their group that places are awarded though based on last year the maximum places any group will get is 2.

Ideally each group brings a leader but it is possible to combine with other groups and districts so that one leader takes responsibility for other Troops Scouts. The leaders get to help on bases and if there is time after the Scouts have flown they may also get a flight. The leader cost is £10. The camp is scheduled to finish by midday on Sunday but may overrun if flying was unable to be completed on the Saturday.