The Explorer Belt

Fancy an expedition to explore a foreign country as part of a small team of Explorers or Network members, and achieve one of the Top Awards in Scouting? If so, an Explorer Belt could be for you.
Following the success of previous Explorer Belt expeditions, we are now planning to start preparing teams for expeditions from 2022.

Potential destinations include:

  • Denmark
  • Faroe Islands
  • Iceland
  • Norway

What is an Explorer Belt?

The Explorer Belt is a challenge of a lifetime.

It is a chance to take part in a ten-day expedition that brings you a real understanding of a different country, its culture and way of life.

You will develop this understanding by travelling through the chosen country, working as part of a small team to complete a series of projects and most importantly by meeting local people.

It is an experience and an achievement that you will remember for the rest of your life.


Be an Explorer Scout aged 16 or over, or a Scout Network member at the time of the expedition.


You and your team will prepare your own budget with support from our Explorer Belt Support Team, however based on previous experience the cost for these Explorer Belt destinations is typically in the region of £1,000 but this will be confirmed before final sign up is required.


Each Explorer Belt team will agree dates with the Explorer Belt Support Team but are most likely to be held in the summer of 2022, Covid-19 restrictions permitting.


There will be a number of workshops and training days / weekends which you will be expected to attend. These are when you will undertake the preparation work for your Explorer Belt. To find out more you will need to join the online Explorer Belt Roadshow Launch on Saturday 15th July.

Provisional dates for these are below:

  • Thursday 15th July at 7.00pm – Online Explorer Belt Roadshow Launch
  • Friday 6th August (evening) – Online workshop
  • Saturday 4th September (afternoon) – Online workshop
  • Saturday 19th to Monday 21st February 2022 – Mini Explorer Belt training weekend
  • More workshops will be arranged in due course which will hopefully be physical meet ups

Register My Interest

To register your interest in participating in an Explorer Belt please click here and complete the details on the online registration form:

More Information

The Explorer Belt is the challenge of a lifetime, open to Explorer Scouts aged 16 and over and members of the Scout Network.

It is a chance to take part in a ten-day expedition that brings a real understanding of a different country, its people and way of life.

To complete the Explorer Belt Award, an Explorer Scout or Scout Network member must:

be over 16 years old
be a member of either Explorer Scouts or the Scout Network
plan and train for an international expedition as part of a small team
travel to another country and travel through that country over ten days
complete a self selected major project
complete about ten smaller projects
keep a notebook or diary during the expedition
take part in a debriefing after the expedition
present a presentation about the expedition
Most Explorer Belt expeditions are undertaken on foot, although other forms of transport including canoe, bicycle and horseback are equally acceptable.

Some teams may wish to use local public transport as part of their expedition and, as long as this provides real opportunities to meet and talk with local people, then it is acceptable.

Teams may wish to mix forms of travel. Please note that hitchhiking is not permitted by The Scout Association.

The expedition should last for at least ten days.

During this time, the team should spend at least 30 hours travelling from place to place and visit at least four different towns or villages.

For a typical team travelling mainly on foot, this would suggest a route of about 100 miles (160km).

However, it is important that the route and distance take into account the local geography, methods of transport, physical ability of the team members, daytime temperatures and likely weather.

Time spent travelling to and from the country of the expedition should not be included.

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