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The Scout Active Support Unit – International provides international opportunities for young people and adults involved in Scouting in Devon.   Do you already have International Scouting experience, or would you like to gain such experience?  If so we’d really like you to join the Devon International Team.

To support and promote the “international/global” elements of the programme for all sections across Devon.

Why International?

We are all members of the Worldwide Family of Scouting and therefore all Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers and Network Scouts
should have the opportunity to explore and enjoy quality international experiences. International is a core part of the programme which we need to provide to all youth members.

How can we support quality international Scouting?

Whilst some of us may have considerable international Scouting experience, we recognise that not all leaders have had the chance
or opportunity to gain such experience. As a consequence, we have established the Devon International Team to support the delivery of quality international Scouting to all Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers and Network Scouts throughout Devon. The main part of this team is a Scout Active Support Unit, which means that any adult can join.

What do we do?

The primary role of the Devon International Team is to deliver the objectives of the Devon International Strategy, which could include developing, facilitating, delivering, and / or supporting:

  •  Programme ideas and resources locally
  •  International activities / bases at District / Cluster events
  •  Promoting international Scouting opportunities
  •  Developing our own international Scouting experiences and skills
  •  Leadership / support of County international trips and expeditions
  •  Various other work streams linked to the implementation of the International Strategy
  •  To support section leaders
  •  Get together and have FUN!

What about you?

If you already have international experience and are keen to enable others to share some of the amazing experiences that this can provide, we really need you in the Devon International Team.

If you have no international experience but would like to gain such experience, the Devon International Team will enable you to gain such experience in a safe, supported and friendly environment.

If you would like to be involved in future County led International Trips, you will need to be a member of the Devon International Team. To ensure quality leadership of such trips, it has been agreed that such roles will be appointed only from within the Devon International Team.
You can be a member of the Devon International Team alongside your existing role/s, or have no other current role.

What can you expect?

We hold regular get togethers where we will discuss, plan and review our projects and tasks, share ideas and opportunities, and generally have a good time! Depending upon the costs involved, these get togethers will involve an element of paying as you go, but we will aim to keep these costs to a minimum.

How to join the Devon International Team?

If you would like to be part of this exciting adventure, join our SASU today at Want to join a SASU?

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