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Adult Selection for WSJ in North America
6th May 2017

Well what a weekend we all had at Caddihoe! Over 100 scouts and Explorers had fun whilst assisting in selecting the leaders to take our young people...

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Run to the Fun 4: July 2018
29th July - 5th August 2018

WSJ America: July 2019
22nd July - 2nd August 2019

A Million Hands


A Million Hands is a project that aims to mobilise half a million Scouts to take action on the issues that matter most to them. To help them achieve this, there are fantastic resources available on the new A Million Hands website, which are full of activity ideas for volunteers and awareness-raising projects for all sections.

We made a Promise to help others…let's show the world we mean it.

Changing the world

We should be proud of the good things we’ve done in communities for over a hundred years now. Litter picking, conservation and fence painting are not to be scoffed at. But imagine what we could do if we focus that passion and energy on the big generational issues of our time – moving from 'useful' to 'life changing'. A Million Hands is about improving the lives of people around us and helping us change the world where we live.

As a quick recap, here are the issues our young people can choose to take action on:

  • Improving the lives of those affected by dementia.
  • Improving the lives of those disabled by society.
  • Improving the mental wellbeing and resilience of families.
  • Ensuring everyone everywhere has access to clean water and sanitation.

Read more at http://scouts.org.uk/news/2015/07/blog-why-a-mill...

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