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Adult Selection for WSJ in North America
6th May 2017

Well what a weekend we all had at Caddihoe! Over 100 scouts and Explorers had fun whilst assisting in selecting the leaders to take our young people...

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Cub Field Gun Run Competition
30th June 2018

Cubs Field Gun Competition
30th June 2018

Run to the Fun 4: July 2018
29th July - 5th August 2018

Information for leaders

The definition of a Young Leader is a young person,
between 14 and 18 years of age, who wishes to assist within a Beaver Colony,
Cub Pack or Scout Troop.

These young people can, and do, have a major role to
play within the sections they work in. However, it must be remembered that
Young Leaders are young people of the Association and the following rules must
be adhered to by the Section Leader of the Colony, Pack or Troop that the Young
Leader works with:

1.  The Young Leader MUST be registered with the District Explorer Scout Provision. If he or she is
not registered with the District Provision then the Young Person is NOT A

2.  The Young Leader MUST complete Module A (Prepare For Take-Off) of the Young Leadersí Training
Scheme within 3 months of joining the Young Leaders Unit and/or starting to
help at the section concerned. On completion of this Module the Young Leader
will be presented with the Young Leadersí Award, to be worn on his or her
Uniform. Until the Young Leader has completed Module A he or she MUST NOT be
allowed to work with any younger Section unless he or she is under strict 100%
supervision by a Warranted Adult Leader.

3.  It is important for Warranted Adult Leaders to recognise that a Young Leader is not a
Warranted position and, with this in mind, the Young Leader should not be given
the responsibilities of a Warranted Adult Leader.

4.  It is the Section Leaderís responsibility to ensure the safety and well-being of the Young
Leader. It should be kept in mind that for camps and adventurous activities the
Young Leaderís parent or carer has to give permission for the Young Leader to
participate in these activities. Sleeping arrangements on residential
experiences should take into account that the Young Leader must not share
accommodation with either the Adult Leaders or the young people in the Section in
which they work.

5.  No Group Section should have any more than 3 Young Leaders registered and working with it at any
point in time. It is recommended that Young Leaders within the Scout Section
have a minimum of a 6 month break from leaving the Scout Troop and becoming a
Young Leader within the same Scout Troop.

6.  There is a full Training Scheme for Young Leaders which they should be encouraged to undertake
with the support of the Explorer Scout Section and from the Group Section the
Young Leader is working with.

7.  Explorer Scouts doing leadership for Duke of Edinburgh Awards must be registered with the Young
Leader Unit for the period of their service.

8.  Young People from outside the Scout Association who are completing the Service Component of the
Duke of Edinburgh Awards must also be registered with the District Explorer
Scout Provision. If they are a present at census time Membership Fees
(Capitation) need not be paid for them.

With the right support (and understanding of the role of the Young Leadersí Training Scheme) the Young Leader is a valuable resource to any Group Section and we are already beginning to see the first
Young Leaders become warranted leaders as they reach 18

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If you want any more help or support please do not hesitate to contact paul.charlton@devonscouts.org.uk

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