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Adult Selection for WSJ in North America
6th May 2017

Well what a weekend we all had at Caddihoe! Over 100 scouts and Explorers had fun whilst assisting in selecting the leaders to take our young people...

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Run to the Fun 4: July 2018
29th July - 5th August 2018

WSJ America: July 2019
22nd July - 2nd August 2019

Training Advisers

Opportunities in the Adult Support Team

Training Advisers are the cornerstone of the Adult Training Scheme since every learner should be supported by a Training Adviser. Unfortunately in many Districts we do not have enough experienced adults coming forward to offer their help, supporting adults taking up new appointments.

If you hold a Woodbadge you may have considered acting as a Training Adviser, but are unsure of what the role entails or of the commitment required.

Supported by the Local Training Manager, the Training Adviser helps their local Leaders to:

  • understand the Adult Training Scheme and how it operates,
  • identify their learning needs from their role description,
  • construct a Personal Learning Plan, meeting regularly with the learner to review this and provide on-going support,

Training Advisers also help Learners by:-

·ensuring that the learner has access to appropriate learning,

  • arranging for validation of the learning, or prior learning, when the learner is ready and ensuring this is recorded,
  • providing guidance and support as a buddy for the new Leader throughout their training up to gaining a woodbadge.

A Training Adviser normally supports three or four learners, however to support one is equally valued; depending on the adviser’s other commitments. Training Advisers need to complete Module 25 – Assessing Learning.

If you would like to know more about the role, please talk to the County Training Manager. Your input will be much appreciated in supporting other adults and maintaining a high standard of training across the County.

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