As an International Movement, we have real opportunity to make the issues of peace and understanding an active part of our programme and help those in our membership to realise the responsibilities of being part of a global society and members of a worldwide organisation. There are many ways to use the International experience creatively, both in the overseas visits and camps and also in regular programme items. If you are able to go away, you will be able to make contact with many people. Do keep in touch with these friends and consider a continuing programme of sharing experiences, visits or other exchanges.

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Devon County has taken the decision to relaunch our International Team, have a fresh start and get everyone back on the same page. With new faces, new experiences and a new logo, we have taken to decision to relaunch to give us a fresh start and a chance to bring you ever better international opportunities!

Meet the team!

So who are the new international leadership team? We have recently had a rejig and some new appointments so take a look at the bios below to get to know us. The new team is headed up by our ACC – International Leader Paul Charlton, and assisted by Katie and Sam who are jointly running the International SASU. Here is a little bit about them and what they bring to the team. 


Paul – Assistant County Commissioner International
Hi, my name is Paul but usually known as Skip. I have been Scouting for longer
than I care to admit, but only had my first taste of international Scouting, and the
unique amazing experience of being part of a truly amazing worldwide family of
Scouting, relatively recently as Unit leader at the Centenary World Scout Jamboree.
Since then my personal mission has been to enable as many Devon Scouts as
possible, of all ages to enjoy international Scouting and experience and for
themselves the truly amazing worldwide family that we are part of. I have now
been involved with several international trips and made many incredible Scouting
friends from all over the world. My photo here was taken in Denmark during an
awesome International Jamboree. I look forward to many more such fantastic international trips.

Katie – Joint International SASU Leader
Hi everyone, I’m Katie and I’m the joint leader of the international SASU with Sam. I currently live in Exeter, I’m training to be an English teacher, and I have lots of international experience as a participant and leader.

My favourite place to visit was the Faroe Islands where I did my explorer belt – it’s where this picture was taken. 

Sam Ley

Sam – Joint International SASU Leader
Hi I’m Sam, and with Katie I’m one of the managers of the International SASU. I’m currently a student in Brighton studying Geography but still get to spend plenty of time back in Devon. I have a broad range of international experience from as a young person and adult volunteer, including my most recent international visit to the 24th World Scout Jamboree in America where this photo was taken. I’m looking forward to meeting you all soon!

What to expect in the reboot?

We have a bunch of new projects coming up soon and want to grow our new international team, so if you are interested in joining the team, please complete the quick sign up form below. We will be holding a virtual meeting with a full presentation of what we have up and coming in the next few weeks, months and years, which will be held in December 2020. Don’t worry, we will be offering date and time options to ensure as many people can attend as possible (it will be recorded and uploaded to the website too!)

Absolutely every member from Devon Scouting who is over 18 and is interested is welcome to join the international team. One of the new policies agreed with the existing County International Team is that it is likely all leaders running County International Trips will be selected from this new International Team, so if that’s something that interests you please feel free to get in contact. Of course, there are many other roles and responsibilities within our team for a variety of experiences, so if you feel like you would be able to help out with an international trip for our young people, in any capacity, please do get in contact.

Frequently Asked questions

Why do I need to be a member of the Devon International Team if I want to be involved in a County led international trip? 
International trips can be stressful and need effective leadership and efficient team structure. Being an International team member ensures that all members of the team are used to working together which should ensure that International leadership teams work together, get on well and run the best trip for the young people involved. 
What does it cost me to join? 
  • No joining fee! Buckets of enthusiasm preferred! Costs for meetings etc will be on a case by case basis but kept minimal for everyone. There will be an option to purchase a team hoody. 
I don’t have a current adult appointment.  Can I still join the Devon International Team? 
  • Yep! Your new role will be SASU Member. 
  • The Devon International Team is a Scout Active Support Unit (SASU) which allows adult volunteers to get involved in Scouting irrespective of whether you have another Scouting appointment, or any previous Scouting experience. 
What can I expect to get involved in as a member of the Devon International Team? 
  • Of course, great international trips (both nationally and abroad). Trips with all ages of scouters where you can either support from the UK, attend as unit leaders or other event staff roles in the destination country 
  • Developing the weekly international programme resources for all sections across Devon (think Japan in a box and completing the international based badges and awards) 
  • Developing resources for young people and leaders going on international trips (think fundraising packs, team building activities etc) 
I have never been involved in any international Scouting trips.  Can I still join the Devon International Team? 
  • Yes! No international experience required – learning and sharing encouraged and everyone’s experiences are valuable. Our aim for the Devon International Team is to provide all members with experience, guidance and support. 
I am an Explorer and have been to a previous international trip and I would like to continue being involved in international Scouting.   How can I get involved in a leadership role on a future international trip? 
  • You can join the international SASU the minute you turn 18 – and we’ll keep you in the know through social media etc until then. Email if you need more information on upcoming opportunities if you’re under 18. 
Can I run an international trip without being a member of the international team? 
  • Yes you can.  You will need to seek support and approval from both your DC and CC and comply with the POR and SA guidelines, but yes, you can.
  • In Devon we have an International SASU which could provide some help and support if you need it.
Will I need to complete extra training? 
  • Not necessarily – you may already have the minimum training which the SASU requires 
  • Training elements required: 
    • The compulsory getting started modules: DBS check, Module 1, GDPR, Safety and Safeguarding 
    • Additionally, we would like for people to complete Module 12a, Module 12b and Module 19, as these really help support the work we do.  
  • Additional relevant training can be arranged as necessary. Such as for people running trips or helping to deliver Module 19. 
How do I sign up? 

International Team Application Form

If you don’t want to apply to join the team, but would rather just have a chat with us or find out more about the team please contact us via email on

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